Offering a wide range of tree work and maintenance in Perth

At Geoff's Tree Services, we provide quality tree work and maintenance for Perth property.

We supply the following range of Services:

  •   Tree Care: environmental and nutrition requirements
  •   Tree Removal: large trees our specialty
  •   Tree Pruning: ongoing maintenance for tree health and vitality
  •   Power Line Clearance: Certified by Western Power for pruning vegetation around LV and HV power lines
  •   Stump Grinding: large and small stumps removed
  •   Cabling & Bracing: installed to save significant trees
  •   Arboricultural Consultation & Assessment: reports and assessments, QTRA trained
  •   Lot Clearing: removal of unwanted trees and firebreaks
  •   Storm Damage Service: remove damaged and fallen trees
  •   Mulch Delivery: contact us for free mulch

Tree work expert in Perth

Tree removal and stump grinding

Geoff's Tree Service in Perth only uses the safest methods and techniques for tree work and removal.  Our experts will undertake the work quickly and efficiently.  Large trees are our specialty.  We will remove all the cut material for you and we will clean up after our work.

Trimming and maintenance worker

Trimming and Maintenance

All trees, including palms, require ongoing maintenance as they grow. We can come to your home to prune your trees and shrubs. Pruning will improve their shape, remove damaged limbs and stubs. We can remove deadwood and prune to provide the best possible structure to your trees. 

Stump removal equipment

Quality equipment

Geoff’s Tree Service only uses the most up-to-date equipment and techniques to ensure we always maintain our highest standards of service. We have a fleet of machines and vehicles including Elevated Work Platforms and chippers to get the job done. All removal and trimming projects are performed in a safe and controlled manner to ensure minimal impact on your property and the surrounding area.

We have several different sized stump grinding machines, we can grind both large and small stumps. Leftover stump grindings can be removed or recycled for use as mulch on your garden beds.

So call us today for all your tree work and garden maintenance!