We deliver Free Mulch throughout Perth!


We only deliver free mulch within the boundaries of the Cities of Joondalup and Wanneroo.

All our deliveries of mulch by Geoff’s Tree Service in Perth are governed by our terms and conditions. By submitting your request to us you confirm that you have read and agree to our terms and conditions.

The mulch that we deliver is derived from fresh vegetation that has been put through a chipper. The size of the individual mulch pieces will depend on a number of factors including the type of trees.  Each load of mulch will be different and may have a number of different types of plant material mixed through it.

A full load of mulch is around 15 m3 in size. We can only deliver full loads.  This is a large load and is the same as approximately 15 to 20 trailer loads of mulch. The load is delivered in a large covered truck. To enable the truck to tip its load we need clear access with no low obstructions and a level area large enough for the mulch to be tipped. You accept that this is a large load of mulch and Geoff’s Tree Service is not responsible for the removal of any excess unwanted mulch.

When we receive your request we will endeavor to deliver to your Perth property as soon as possible. The delivery will be dependant on the amount of work we have in your area and the number of requests we receive.

If you need to cancel the order for mulch, you need to contact us and let us know. Unless you contact us, Geoff’s Tree Service will continue to assume that you still want the mulch. If you have not contacted us to cancel the mulch order and it is delivered, Geoff’s Tree Service will not be responsible for its removal.

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